Should You Purchase a VPS For Your WordPress Site?

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Before answering this question, let’s go through what a VPS is and then you can better make a more educated decision on whether you should get one or not.

What is a VPS?

A virtual private server is a cloud server that works as a virtual machine.  These services are offered by an Internet hosting service.   A VPS mimics the work of a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment.

So, if you want to have a website, you need to have your web files in a web server.  So, paying for a hosting allows you to rent space on a web server.  You can find many cheap VPS hosts online.  Given the security provided by these hosts, the investment is always worth the cost.

Characteristics of VPS

There are some characteristics of a virtual private server that sets them apart from dedicated servers, or shared hosting.  Now if you want to get a VPS hosting service that really responds, you must look for the following characteristics:

  • A VPS works independently from each other.  This means that once you are hosted, you will be able to download your applications without interfering with any other members using the same host.  This is unlike a shared server where if one user crashes the host, everyone will suffer.
  • Each VPS has its own root access, IP address, memory, applications, processes, and can be rebooted independently.
  • A VPS has the same level of root access as a dedicated server.  So, a user is able to download their own applications, scripts, or any software in their own virtual hosting environment.
  • You have complete control of your environment which gives you a high level of customization.
  • Guaranteed customer service.  Now, this feature will separate different VPS host services as customer service availability and scope may vary among companies.
  • You get the option of having a security backup.  This is important in the event of getting hack and somebody completely deleting your website.  It is better to be protected and secure.

What is Best for You?

So, now to our question.  Should you purchase a VPS hosting service for your WordPress website?  Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide:

  • Do you want to have full control of your website and be able to manage it according to your convenience?
  • Are you willing to make the investment, or is your business large enough?
  • Do you have the technical expertise to manage your own server?  If you do not, you will have to hire someone to do it for you.
  • Are you interested in extra security for your IP, messaging, and sharing of information?
  • Will your website be able to survive a potential crashing of a shared server?

Once you have cleared this, then you can decide if you need a VPS.  Remember that you are hoping to scale in your business.  A VPS hosting service can more easily manage growth.  Usually, VPS companies will provide the flexibility to scale up.

What to Look For in a VPS Hosting Provider

Now that you have set your mind to purchase a VPS hosting, then you should look for a really good one.  This is what you should look for:

  • Great customer support.  A 24-hour availability is optimal.  Imagine all the money you would lose if your website, for some reason, crashes and you have no way of fixing it.
  • Scalability support.  You start a business with the hope that it will grow bigger.  This means that you will get more traffic and will eventually need to download more apps.
  • Price.  Don’t always look for the cheapest option.  Find a balance between quality and price.  Always remember to stick to your budget.

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