Installing and Running WordPress

Congratulations on your new WP website!  Now it is time to take advantage of the exclusive features offered to you.  The following is a very basic tutorial on how to install and run WordPress. or

This is basically the first decision you will face. is absolutely free whereas has a paid subscription. The first one is great for a starting website.  WP takes care of pretty much everything and all you have to do is find the best design that fits your needs.  You can select from many templates and customize it for your business, blog, or portfolio.

The site provides hosting through and basically gives you more freedom design.  You basically get a frame to work upon through coding and web designing.  This is the version that allows you to install plugins to maximize the power of WordPress.

Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is actually super easy. When you install WordPress on your computer, your device becomes a local server environment or host.  Besides this, the installed version allows you to take a preview of new content or design before it affects your audience.

To install WordPress as a website, use Bluehost or another good hosting service that knows WordPress very well.  But first, you will need a domain name.

Now, it is not within our scope to give you details on which installer to use.  We will briefly mention the following.

  • Mojo provides a simple 1-click installation.
  • You can also install it manually but you will need an FTP client to do so.
  • QuickInstall is a pretty popular auto-installer.
  • Fantastico is also a pretty common auto-installer. It is used by some WordPress hosting providers and is an easy way to install WordPress.
  • Softaculous offers a pretty easy installation of WordPress with only a few clicks.  Some hosting companies such as inMotion hosting and SiteGround use it.

What comes next?

Once you get your WordPress installed, you can start customizing it. Do this before you launch so that you offer your visitor a fully formed site instead of one “under construction”.  The basic things that you should do before you get your WP site up and running are:

  • Choose a theme.  There are thousands of themes for you to choose from.  There are so many that selecting the best one can be a bit daunting.  Deciding what it is that you want to showcase and what your business is about is usually a good first step.
  • Install plugins to take advantage of all the power WP has to offer. The massive amount of plugins provide new and exciting features and functionalities to your site.  The WordPress directory alone offers over 40,000 free plugins. There are more available from third-party providers.

With so many features, there is always something new to learn in WordPress.  Start creating content and deliver to your audience the content and frame they deserve.

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